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      Vase Trendsetter Head & 4x12 Cab 1960s

      Product Description

      Born in the late 1950s in Brisbane, boutique quality vintage VASE amplifiers are synonymous with early Australian rock'n'roll of the Johnny O'Keefe era, and early '70s longhair rock music. Amazingly, the faint outline of a Daddy Cool touring stencil can still be seen on the speaker enclosure.

      A flagship for the small Brisbane based company formed by English born engineer Tony Troughton, the Trendsetter 40 is one of the best sounding valve amps of all time. This 1960s Trendsetter 40 head with bright and normal channels, high and normal inputs, push-pull bright switch, “vibrato” on both channels and treble and bass controls comes with matching 4x12 Celestion equipped enclosure.

      Beautiful shimmery cleans and the classic bias tremolo make this amp superb at lower volumes with a great British-style grind and push at higher volumes.

      Fully serviced and sounding amazing, in excellent working condition, come see for yourself why these amps deserve greater recognition.

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      Vase Trendsetter Head & 4x12 Cab 1960s
      $ 2,999.00
      Vase Trendsetter Head & 4x12 Cab 1960s
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