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      Earth Transmissions The BeaR Overdrive, Brown

      $ 319.00
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      Product Description

      The BeaR has been designed as a 3 stage dualtone overdrive pedal.The first being a coloured preamp to add texture and EQ gain to your signal chain.The second stage is a structured and responsive drive path to lift your tone to a deeper,creamy overdrive platform with natural control from your pickup attack and volume knob and the third is when the 'Step' foot switch is engaged and the 'dB' and 'Low Hz' controls are adjusted as to activate the CGD-Compression Germanium Drive. 

      The BeaR's construction/design has the repairer in mind as well. All components are easily accessed and the pcb is of such quality that it is very hard to lift trackings with an iron. 

      The Controls (left to right)

      • Db: Gain and Drive Strength
      • Low Hz: Low Frequency Response (cut+boost)
      • High Hz: High Frequency Response(cut+boost)
      • Master: Output Volume

      The BeaR's electronic evolution has been molded over a 5 year period with the scope of providing a versatile and guitar responsive effector pedal that will overlay your tone, rather than overtake. This has been accomplished with the help of some of Australia's finest session guitar and bass players.


      • True Bypass
      • Input Z >= 500k ohms
      • Output Z >= 25k ohms
      • Output level max 900mv
      • 9 Vdc (outer ring-pos+)-50ma with battery slot
      • Crossover distortion-outer limits
      • Weight-450g 
      • Casing-1590BB
      • Neutrik connectors
      • TT Electronic Potentiometers

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      Earth Transmissions The BeaR Overdrive, Brown
      $ 319.00
      Earth Transmissions The BeaR Overdrive, Brown
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