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Recording Studio Services


Yap Yap Music Studios is a boutique recording and production service located in the sunny back streets of Coogee, Sydney.

In the early days of Sunburst Music, the opportunity to acquire a freestanding building at the rear of the store presented itself, and right away we knew what needed to be done. We called on some friends with a shared passion in music making to convert it into a space for musicians to capture their creativity. At a time where independently recorded music was gaining popularity in Australia, we look back with pride as our studio has served the local music scene for decades. 

The studio is configured with 4 separate recording rooms so bands can track live together while still having recording separation.

Currently occupying the studio is:

Luke Bertoz: Luke's dedication to our studio goes back over 20 years, giving birth to many great recording projects including Dappled Cites, Eskimo Joe and The Sleepy Jackson, and more recently the studio has seen bands like DMA's, Bluejuice, Art vs Science, Dappled Cities and Sticky Fingers record here. Recording, production and composition for all types of music and other audio requirements.