Cole Clark Guitars

Since 2001 Cole Clark have combined classical construction with innovative design and manufacturing techniques to produce a lighter, stronger, unique guitar with a truly natural amplified sound.

Cole Clark are constantly refining and updating their designs leading them to win Best in Show at NAMM 2018.

The Cole Clark pickup system is a huge part of these instruments appeal. Unique to Cole Clark is the fact that the acoustic body is built around the preamp and pickups rather than the other way around. This allows Cole Clark Guitars to have the most natural plugged in sound out of every brand.

Cole Clark artists include Jack Johnson, Johnny Marr, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, Angus and Julia Stone, Pete Murray, Tex Perkins and countless others.

Cole Clark steel string acoustic guitars are the only main stream acoustic to use a Spanish heel or integral neck construction. This means the neck is glued to the face along with the sides and the back so the neck is one piece all the way to the sound hole.

On other guitars, the body is made, then the neck attached, mostly with a bolt or dove tail join. Due to this method, the sound is unique. Cole Clark also has a carved top and back and uses a ridge system to join the sides to the top and back instead of kerfing.

Cole Clark guitars are all solid timber using mostly native Australian tone woods that are largely sustainable.

The top and back are internally carved to strengthen key areas while providing more projection, the bracing is unique to the company and all guitars are Plek’d.

With Cole Clark looking to Australian forests for timbers, they are reducing the load on established tonewoods while creating a new voice for the instrument unheard in other makes.

Certain tonewoods such as Blackwood also provide further rigidity enabling percussive playing styles to be performed with less detriment to the instrument whereas Redwood imparts a familiar tone with a distinctive and unique look to every individual guitar.

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