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      Micro-Frets ThunderMaster Bass 1960s Black

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      Product Description

      Extremely rare and perfect for the bassist seeking a mellow, semi-hollow tone with a full 34” scale, this vintage ThunderMaster Bass was way ahead of it’s time when released in the late 1960s.

      With most ThunderMaster basses at 30” scale, this regular 34” may have been a custom order and it feels fantastic, with a slim neck and heightened punch from the extra length.

      A true Micro-Frets design, the body opens up by sliding the back half to allow access to the controls, with a mostly hollow body ensuring the bass is exceptionally light.

      Featuring the 36pc Micro-Nut, perfect intonation across strings and alternate tunings was easily achieved and allowed the Micro-Frets company to forge their own legacy ahead of the many later contemporaries.

      With the untimely death of founder Ralph Jones, Micro-Frets guitars and basses are seldom seen but are riding a new wave of interest thanks to the revival of the company in recent years.

      W/OHSC & Strap

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      Micro-Frets ThunderMaster Bass 1960s Black
      $ 3,999.00
      Micro-Frets ThunderMaster Bass 1960s Black
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