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    Ibanez Concord 751

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    • This guitar ships with a pro setup.
    • Hardshell case included.

    Product description

    If a blend between the Gibson Dove and Hummingbird with a hint of Everly Brothers is your thing, this is your acoustic!

    Produced in the infamous “Lawsuit Era”, the Concord series was conceived as a range of stylistic replicas of Gibson’s designs from the square-shouldered dreadnoughts up to the SJ-200.

    The Concord 751 is unique for being a blend of the Hummingbird with it’s adjustable saddle, Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. The large, winged bridge is a clear homage to the Dove’s design, and is rock solid now thanks to an in-house restoration.

    The dual pickguards are such a fantastic look, and while some might find this dampens the acoustic sustain, the added chomp makes consistent strumming and quicker rhythm lines far clearer. An LR Baggs M1 allows this Concord to fly on any stage!


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    Ibanez Concord 751
    $ 1,499.00
    Ibanez Concord 751
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