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Guitar Repairs

Since we opened in 1989, our repairs team have decades of wisdom and experience in making any stringed instrument perform at its best.

Whether it be a simple restring through to setups, fret dresses and comprehensive restorations both our team and luthier are available 7 days a week to guide you personally through the best way to make your pride and joy sing, be it your first instrument through to the most delicate and valuable vintage piece.

While we offer a range of estimated prices below, please bring your instrument to the store for a more detailed assessment.




Restring: Minimum $55 (Inclusive of clean and detailing, oil and strings). Some instruments may be higher due to necessary setup eg. 12 string guitars, Floyd Rose and similar tremolo systems.

Basic Setup: Minimum $95 (Inclusive of restring and intonation, saddle adjustment, action height, pickup balancing, clean and detailing).

Fret Dress and Full Setup: Minimum $250 + plus strings (Full fret dress with recrown and polish, comprehensive setup, adjusting action for bespoke requirements, full clean and detailing).

Restoration & Repairs: Please visit us in store for personal evaluation of your instrument and we provide an estimate on a case-by-case basis