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      Fender Custom Shop

      Our connection to the Fender Custom Shop began in the 1988 when our proprietor was introduced by FMIC Vice President Dan Smith to co-founders Michael Stevens and John Page.
      Combining their formidable skills and experience, and inspired by the personal preferences of Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Eric Johnson and Danny Gatton etc, Mike and John revolutionised the electric guitar manufacturing scene with passion, attention to detail, and an avowed intention to invoke the spirit of Leo Fender in each Custom Shop project.
      Back in the day, we supplied a couple of 40th Anniversary Telecasters (the initial run of Custom Shop guitars) to our Sydney friends, and as is very often the case with Custom Shop creations, these instruments are still proudly held by their original owners.
      The Fender Custom Shop has now been stimulating and challenging the imaginations of guitar players around the world for even longer than Mr Fender's era. Since this time, the Custom Shop has re-imagined the possibilities of interpretation and expression, and sets the pace in boutique guitar making.
      In more recent times, we've had the pleasure of handling some absolute beauties, including the Fred Stuart Herringbone Telecaster, Yuriy Shishkov Retro Damask Telecaster, brilliant Stratocasters by Greg Fessler, Jason Smith and John English, and the only limited edition Vaughan Brothers Set to come to Australia.
      This level of Custom Shop guitar is likely to increase in value were it to change hands.
      We often hear that people come to Coogee for their Custom Shop experience as they know they'll find amazing, unique, and component-rich guitars in our store. We look for guitars that are lightweight, balanced, resonant, and musical. We love the Fullerton tradition, but we also like to see thoughtful and whimsical variations in design. We think it's ok to stand on the edge sometimes, and we hope Mr Fender does too. You can always expect to see the best of what the Fender Custom Shop has to offer in our store.